Trump Shares the ‘Hardest Thing’ He Has to Do as POTUS Amid Criticism Over Syria Troop Withdrawal

Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

President Donald Trump is offering an emotional response as to what is the “hardest thing” he has to do as the president of the United States.

The president’s remarks come at a time that he’s been in hot water by congressional leaders on both sides of the aisle for his decision on Sunday to withdraw 50 American troops out of northern Syria.

Since the move was made, Turkey has launched an attack on U.S. Kurdish allies. The move has also sparked concern that thousands of ISIS fighters could escape.

Trump has defended the decision made to pull troops. However, at the White House on Wednesday, the president took another route in his explanation. This time, sharing what “the hardest thing” he has to do as president is.

“The hardest thing I have to do, by far — much harder than the witch hunt — is signing letters to parents of soldiers that have been killed,” Trump said, adding, “There’s not a lot of upsides, if there’s any upside at all, and in many cases there’re only downsides.”

Trump went on to describe a “blue-on-green attack,” in which a foreign soldier trained by Americans turns their gun on a U.S. soldier, citing “many” of these attacks in Afghanistan.

“The hardest thing I have to do is signing those letters. That’s the hardest thing I have to do. Each letter is different. We make each letter different, and last week I signed five of them for Afghanistan, one in Iraq, one in Syria from two weeks ago, and sometimes I call the parents, sometimes I see the parents.”

Describing those fallen soldiers being brought home, Trump shared what it’s like for those families who are grieving.

“I see people that were smiling, saying, ‘Oh Mr. President, thank you for being here.’ […] I’ve seen people that I thought were really incredible the way they were — I didn’t even understand how they could take it so well — scream like I’ve never seen anything before. Sometimes, they’ll run to the coffin. They’ll break through military barriers. They’ll run to the coffin and jump on top of the coffin. Crying mothers and wives, crying desperately.”

Trump added, “And this is on these endless wars that just never stopped and there’s a time and there’s a place, but it’s time to stop.”

See Trump’s comments below:

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) – a strong backer of the president — was among the Republican lawmakers who split with Trump over the decision to U.S. troops out of Syria.

As IJR previously reported, Graham told Fox News on Wednesday that if Trump “follows through with this,” then, “It would be the biggest mistake of his presidency.”

“We can’t turn it over to Turkey,” the senator added. “To think that will work is really delusional and dangerous.”

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I agree with the overall sentiment that we should not be engaged in endless wars in the Middle East so Europe can have their oil. However, there must be a better option than leaving our best middle eastern ally to the mercy of the Turkish army. Erdogan wants them destroyed. The Kurds did the whole world a favor by doing the dirty work no one else wanted to do. The Kurds are the ones that fought ISIS on the front lines and among their bravest fighters were young, courageous women – many of whom were daughters of Yazidi men slaughtered… Read more »


Total crock of shit from the heartless, mindless, soulless, sub-human complete phucking asshole who has turned the white house into an outhouse.


Lots of armchair quarterbacking. Years of military help, families separated and lives lost. That’s the price the US paid. Even though I was surprised to hear President Trump’s decision, I’m not the president. Liberals squawk and criticize that he doesn’t keep campaign promises. Well here’s one!

Glen Hillebrand

Albeit, I worry about the Kurds; and timing; nonetheless, it is a valid question; how long must we spend our money; and ask our best; our military to sacrifice. Afghanistan is going on 20 years.
Let’s determine once and permanently how to end this. 20 years is enough time to design an exit strategy.


Why does it always fall on US to take care of everything. Where are all the middle east countries. Where is the UN shouldn’t they be their helping. They are the first ones to complain that we did something wrong. Let do the fighting.


I fully support removing ourselves from tribal wars. We are not the world’s police. Funny how neocons & libs are coming together to condemn Trump here.

Millie Tyler

As a staunch supporter of President Trump I’m greatly saddened over this decision. Yes, of course nobody likes war. No one wants our soldiers in harm’s way but if ever there were a time to use them it’s now. The President is getting and ignoring good advice. He asked us to pray for God’s guidance. Major evangelical leaders are trying to tell him. Even our soldiers who have worked with the Peshmerga are dismayed. Someone needs to get ahold of President Trump and talk some sense into him.

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