Report Shows Dems’ Plan to Provide Insurance to Illegal Immigrants Could Cost Taxpayers as Much as $23 Billion

When the 2020 Democrats all raised their hands agreeing to provide illegal immigrants with health care, they may not have realized they just saddled the taxpayer with a huge check.

During the first round of Democratic presidential primary debates earlier this year, every single candidate raised their hand when asked if their health care proposals would cover illegal immigrants.

Watch the clip below:

Every single candidate raised their hand to signal their support for the policy, but a new study from the Center for Immigration Studies found that this move could be costly.

Estimates for the total bill sent to taxpayers to fund illegal immigrant health care ranges from $10 billion to $23 billion per year.

The total cost varies as the exact number of illegal immigrants is unknown, as is the percentage of illegal immigrants who fall below the income threshold to qualify for such health care programs. This study used an estimate of 4.9 million illegal immigrants qualifying for the program, resulting in a bill of $10 billion per year, rising to $23 billion if that number includes all illegal immigrants.

Broken down, each Affordable Care Act subsidy would average $4,600 per undocumented person per year to fulfill the Democrat’s promise of health care coverage for illegal immigrants.

Beyond the hypothetical costs of funding the Affordable Care Act stipends for all illegal immigrants, the Center for Immigration Studies also looked into the costs associated with Medicaid today for both legal and illegal immigrants to better understand the total costs Americans are facing today — without paying for all illegal immigrants as Democrats suggested.

Under the current Medicaid system, the average immigrant family added $2,796 to the taxpayer’s tab on Medicaid. In comparison, the average family of native citizens only added $1,983 to the total tab.

The vast majority of this funding is going to immigrant families that are legal citizens, but the data used by the center does include some illegal immigrants, as certain states allow illegal immigrant children and pregnant women to use the program.

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Phyllis Softa

Just curious. How many IJR articles were published in 2016 while Trump was promising you a “wall” compliments of Mexico and free tax cuts that would pay for themselves? I can not even find an article on the trillion dollars Treasury has borrowed each of the last 2 years to pay for those “free” tax cuts. How much is Trump raiding military funding to pay for his “wall”? We knew before any of you voted that Mexico was NOT paying. We also know that many of the D’s “plans” will never see the Oval Office for signing or vetoing. In… Read more »


Ahh, more hand outs for votes. Their estimate doesn’t include the 20 million already here. If it did, it would be more lie $92 Billion plus the new arrivals. Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats.

Tom Bodine

Trying to buy votes by exploiting the taxpayer ????????????????”s


Maybe, sooner or later, the citizen and the people who are here legally will ban together and stand up for our rights. The rights under the constitution of American. Isn’t it time to unite Do you see how they are trying to race bait They are afraid of the force we will be when we all come together we will be a force to be reckoned with. Every taxpayer every citizen anyone here legall no matter color, religion , creed blah blah. We have much more in common then politicians are giving us credit for Let’s unite, We are the… Read more »

William Conley

What kind of asinine story is this and why was it written. It’s common damn sense government handouts aren’t free it’s our freaking tax dollars. Was anyone expecting a small price tag for a few million parasites to continue being parasites? This type of stuff burns my ass I spent thousands and years bringing my wife here, and these leeches want to just come here illegally. Not only that they want to steal my damn tax dollars more than they already do? Tell you what here is what I’m for and what’s fair give every single illegal one chance to… Read more »


“Plan to”? I can assure you that illegal immigrants have been getting free health care for decades

Glenn Botts

Is that $23 billion per week or month? No demoCROOK would ever limit their squandering of taxpayer’s money to just $23 billion per year.

David Gearhart

The democrats are socialist, the will use any means to over whelm our government. For their socialism to take over.

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